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‘Closer’ Collection Winter 2021

This last year in many ways has brought out what was in the center. It has brought out the center of who we are as individuals, as families, as a nation and world. It drew us closer to who we are, showing us what is inside, and causing us to reflect on who we want to be. It drew us closer to who is around us, both physically and emotionally. This year showed us a need for truth and the incomparable value to know truth and hold on to it. There was truth to learn from as we listened more closely to our neighbor, hearing and acknowledging their stories. Stories of pain and privilege, joy and challenge.

This new collection, Closer, comes from reflecting throughout the season on these things. Bright colors became my solace, speaking of hope. Hope on the other side of challenge and change. For me, a deep sense of gratitude washes over each canvas as I reflected that truth is real and can be known. The truth revealed to me again and again in 2020 is there is peace available to each of us at the center of it all. Peace is closer.

The pieces of this collection explore a marriage of bright and muted colors, worked across the canvas in gestural brush strokes, to weave the over-all flowing composition.  The colors creating unformulated patterns mimicking the idea of closeness. Textured paint is applied densely in parts of the canvas, while other parts are lightly touched.

In this new collection, bright color palettes are textured on stretched canvas. My hope is that the pieces remind us to hold our heart and each other closer, welcoming peace at the center.




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